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Rena Song Fest, The world´s biggest songwriting camp. Thursday 27th - Sunday 30th of June 2024
Two people working in the studio at The Woods during MGP camp

On Thursday, 27th June, the world's biggest songwriter camp begins! Over a long weekend, from Thursday, 27th June, to Sunday, 30th June, 151 norwegian and international songwriters and artists will gather at Rena, Norway, to participate in Rena Song Fest 2024 - a songwriter camp so large that it becomes a small festival.


The goal is to write at least 100 new pop songs for the Eurovision Song Contest, build networks, and enhance participants' knowledge and skills.

Participants from all levels and with various skills are invited to the Rena Song Fest, including established professionals, semi-professionals, and newcomers. Each morning, 38 new groups are formed, consisting of 3-4 songwriters, including 1-2 producers (tracks) and 2-3 topliners (melody/lyrics). At least one songwriter in each group is an artist or vocalist.


During the day, a new song and demo are created, and lyrics and split sheets are submitted each evening by 9 PM. The best songs are presented collectively at 10 PM. The next day, all participants rotate to work with new people in new groups.

Subwoolfer working on the MGP-winning song for Eurovision

The musical focus of Rena Song Fest 2024 will be new songs written for national selections for the Eurovision Song Contest.


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Join the world´s biggest songwriting camp! 

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